Writing here again after a long time so just throwing out my mind on the fly. Year changed, life changed, lost a lot, received a lot and that’s life so its all good.

Realized today itself that my last post probably gave me what I have today. Although 2020 went by without being actively telling me much about money but 2021 seem to have a lot in store to make me realize that 2020 was indeed about money itself.

Now that I am working with one of the biggest fintech platform, I am sure the eternity has a great plan for me. Yes, I believe in law of attraction and a lot things around that.

Its not about anything specific OR its all about you want to make it about. (Causal reduction-ism). There is a lot that is happening around and we can’t possibly understand.

Ofcourse, I’ve got a lot of questions too but I’d prefer to know some of the right answers then knowing all the questions. To find some of the right answers, its important to keep asking. I have something today that I didn’t have yesterday but that something has taken place of something that I had yesterday.

Those dots might not seem to be connecting so what question needs to be asked is yet not known, may be. Although as per some concepts, everything is just nothing.

Or taking consideration of Library of babel, all that had to be said, thought, written, assumed, imagined has been already been said thought and done. You just need to be able to find it out.

So keep searching and remember to have fun.
PS: Having fun is most important.

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