Hi, I am Hari Om Vashishtha, hov8a, hov8a

It was 2010, One evening fresh out of college:

I was lying in bed on a mattress on the ground in a building somewhere in Noida where I was living with my cousin brother Kapil & his friends. I saw a dream with my open eyes to build an online blog. That was the first time I thought of buying a domain name on the internet. But being a fresh computer graduate, I knew that was going to be easy.
So, I brought NothignElseMatterz.com. Maybe, I was also confident because, By that time, my cousin brother Kapil had already done one experiment to build an online business with his college friends under the brand name Clubdukes.com & Addukes.in. Well, the WayBackMachine has a good memory of what I built. 🙂 But I had no clear goals attached to it.

Why did I buy NothingElseMatterz.com:

  1. Of course, the song, Nothing Else Matters by Metallica was often buzzing in my head ever since I heard the same, maybe back in 2006, i.e. about 4yrs ago.
  2. & The domain name NothingElseMatters.com wasn’t available.

Do I live my life by the lyrics of the song?

2012 a platform for creative local businesses to create their online presence and socialize.

Another random noon, A school friend from 2006 came up to me to discuss a venture possibility because I knew how to build websites.. 🙂 However, WayBackMachine doesn’t have a clear picture of what we built using Joomla. It’s really a love story to be written someday.

2013: TheWittyShit.com

A business idea that wasn’t even my own but paying to own it felt like a start.

2015: https://twitter.com/xengaging

Should I call it one of my random musings?

Sometimes I am also available as a CleverTap Freelancer

What did I learn in all that jazz? Aggression and patience both are necessary at the same time to build something useful.

If I am really a founder material who can create a useful valuable Product worth billions of dollars, only time will tell.

Currently, I am working on a long-term project. Please find the index of details on my homepage and the connected pages.

I am creating a lot of funnels these days on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, #GrowUpWithHarita.com & #NothingElseMatter.com, all boiling down to revenue in the bank.


Let me update this sometime soon.