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अब मैं लिखूंगा एक निबन्ध (memo)
Memo वो होता है जिसे लिख के आप लोगों को जानकारी देते हैं।

Memos बहुत ही खास document होते हैं! एक memo चाहे तो लोगों को जोड़ सकता है | एक memo हो सकता है जंग का ऐलान, पालिसी का बखान, एक कविता।

एक memo दुनिया को बदल कर रख सकता है।
(Memo Definition Credit: Baby Boss)

Sr No.The Story Of Its Origin, The Developments And The Goal
Chapter 1What is EdTech (for me) & Why only edtech?
Chapter 2Why Gamification of Education..??
Chapter 3Letter to self from 2032: Let them play.
Chapter 4Who is Mini?
Chapter 5Mini Version 0.1 (tell stories and ask questions)
Chapter 6Everything about conversations
Chapter 7What is a conversation
Chapter 8Interactive communication
Chapter 9The Tough Conversations
Chapter 10A conversation with myself
Chapter 11Consistency Framework (For Self For Now)
Chapter (Baby Products Store Coming Soon)
Chatter 13My Amazon Store
Chapter 14Harita Ki Maa Sarita (My Wife’s YouTube As Our Best Top of the Funnel)
Chapter 15Encourage Positive Parenting “Conversations” (MVP)
Sr No.Stage 2: Generate Revenue
Chapter 16My Experimentational Approach to Generate Revenue.
Chapter 17The Ultimate PM FunnelsExperiment #008 (To Optimize For Incoming Product Opportunities)

Of course, I’ve limitations. Can I call this a P.H.D. in life design? Let’s see

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PS: I will keep updating this memo over the course of time.