This is the chapter 2 of the story. Chapter 1 is here.

Since I recently started managing an aspect of this Conversation Media Platform, it was important to start from scratch & ask the very basic question…!!

What exactly is a conversation?

Bringing in the knowledge argument.

I’ve got unlimited questions & very little time like, What are the elements of a conversation? What would be the technical, emotional & societal preferences of people? What are the masses expecting from the mobile phone to be able to do?

PS: In case a sociology expert is reading this, please connect, I would like to learn the summary of what you have been studying in your career when you study the structure and organization of human interaction.

In a recent conversation, I was suggested to bring in my perspective in very clear terms and I felt liberated. That story is for some other day.

The thing that struck me was, most of them said, they’d be biased. I believe, that is the level of realization required for a tribe to be able to prosper & I’ve found my tribe. So the point to be noted here is, even I am biased but my biases & the related knowledge are what make me myself.

I believe I am biased towards creating long-term possibilities. Note, I am saying creating possibilities as a team sport. My definition of conversation is something that makes you “feel” something, which lets you express yourself, that you would love to continue in long term & have more of them. AND note most of our biases are unknown to ourselves, that’s why they are called biases.

Of course, many conversations do not last long but that’s not the point. Those which do not last long, might not have lasted for all the million reasons. The conversation that matters is the one that lets you express yourself.

I also believe every conversation can be interesting if we care about it enough. It might or might not sync with others but that’s on YOU AND THEM. Now the question is, how much do you care, and what is that you care about?

Expressing yourself, understanding others, and adding value? But wait…!! What is that I believe & what is my definition, matters very little. What matters is what masses believe & what is that is needed by the masses? To understand that, we’ll have to dig down deeper into a conversation with the masses.

After all, the online conversation is going to be a very basic need of every human being in a few years’ time. We are talking about banking the unbanked… People that the fraternity calls as BHARAT.

Their needs & expectations are very much different largely due to the cultures which is what sets us apart. India has got a varied set of regions that are widely different and somehow connected deeply.

Random businesses are part of the general conversations but things change at scale. I wonder, how simple a mobile keyboard can be that enables online conversations with deep connections.

As per wikipedia: Conversation is interactive communication between two or more people. The development of conversational skills and etiquette is an important part of socialization.

Let’s break it down into parts.

  1. Interactive communication
  2. 2 people
  3. More than 2 people
  4. Development
  5. Conversation skills & etiquette.
  6. Important part
  7. Socialization

Each one of them is a separate topic of debate.

What’s missing is

  1. The online context
  2. Global connectivity
  3. (Fast-paced) lives of 2022

I am no researcher but I think am becoming one.

Stay Tuned.


Since the series has been successfully expanding, I am adding an index for the convenience.

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Chapter 2Why Gamification of Education..??
Chapter 3Letter to self from 2032: Let them play.
Chapter 4Who is Mini ?
Chapter 5Mini Version 0.1 (tell stories and ask questions)
Chapter 6Everything about conversations
Chapter 7What is a conversation
Chapter 8Interactive communication
Chapter 9The Tough Conversations
Chapter 10A conversation with myself
Chapter 11Consistency Challenges
Chatter 13Amazon Toy Store
Chapter 14Research: Fostering Positive Parenting Conversations
Connecting the building blocks of conversations together.

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