Update: Feb 2022. Putting this thought on hold for a while.

A simple character of my imagination, a vision that I believe will be a useful piece of art for every child in the near future for learning in the long term and for having fun in the short term. Learning to learn and learn to ask questions.

Imagine an ideal friend for your child and design it yourself. (By the way, you can even rename the friend, OR even choose someone other than the friend, yes even a toy)

Mini, She is just about your child’s age.

Wakes up every day at the time you think is an ideal time.

& does everything like you want your child to aspire to be, A friend who is good at things.

She also feels emotions, responds accordingly, gets hungry, eats food, laughs, learns, and asks questions… Everything, like an enthusiastic child.

The key is, that you get to decide what the friend does, with minimal effort. Maybe voice as an interface.

You are the best teacher and a judge for your child. You get to decide what your child learns from.

This is the 4th write up. Follow the 🐇 for more. Preface is still in drafts.

This was just chapter 4 of the series Mission Edtech

Chapter 1: What is EdTech (for me) & Why only edtech?

Chapter 2: Why Gamification of Education..??

Chapter 3: Letter to self from 2032: Let them play.

Chapter 5: Mini Version 0.1 (tell stories and ask questions)

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