In continuation from this twitter thread started in March 2021, with roots in Oct 2020 when I joined LattuKids

Aspirations: This is going to be a long series of articles in long form writing.

Fact: I believe, I am a beginner Product Manager with ~3yrs as a PM (in very early stage products, in very unstructured environments). And some 3.5 yrs as an aspiring entrepreneurial person running experiments (where I made lots of mistakes). Have been analyzing my journey of last decade

Fun Fact: I think, I am a knowledge learner who loves to learn by exploring in live settings, asking questions, putting things together, taking risks & Making mistakes as a part of it all.

Life Goal: Focus on fun learning experiences.

2-3Yrs Goal: Innovate few learning experiences for early education (kids & parents)

Why: I am turning into a father in a few weeks, so It feels like a responsibility.

Beware: Although, I may be doing some research but I am just writing my thoughts to think for myself and explore deeper things. I may be totally wrong.

Question: What are the first principles of education sector?

I don’t know the answers to many such questions.


As a beginner would put it, EdTech is nothing but culmination of Education with technology.

We should get into the fundamentals of those keywords.

What is #Education?

Philosophically speaking, education cannot have different meaning for different people. Goals, means, methods, options may be different.

As per Wikipedia: Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research.

In simplified terms: The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction with a goal.

So there is a giver and a taker. Its the responsibility of the giver to ensure that the taker is able to take it and while giver evolves the learning experience of the taker as per the responses and areas of interest.

Early education system has lots of constraints.

In Case of Kids:

  1. They learn from everything the parents do.
  2. Can’t be pushed to do something.
  3. They only know how to play.

In Case of Parents:

  1. Parents unknowingly teach a lot of things to the kids.
  2. They are the default teachers.
  3. They need to put extra efforts to understand kids responses.
  4. And Its difficult for first time parents.

Oh, that has to extend to a long long list, So a child psychologist needs to come in.

Conclusion: Its not only about kids.

As an expecting parent, there is a lot I need to know on the day when baby arrives.

For example: That kids are not supposed to be fed anything other then mother’s breast milk. Not even water, until first 6 months atleast. I know this because, I have been curious and I am sure, not ALL parents know that by default.

So, probably there has to be a questionnaire that helps me check my preparedness?

May be there is one already. Yes, discoverability is also an issue.

Hence, My kid’s health and education would depend upon my curiosities, abilities and lots of possibilities. Wow, that sounds like a love letter for the new born arriving soon.

And its not like some technology needs to be invented. its all there, just unevenly distributed.

Well, this is going to be fun.

Need to put together a framework/template for the right goals.

Sr NoTitle
Chapter 1What is EdTech (for me) & Why only edtech?
Chapter 2Why Gamification of Education..??
Chapter 3Letter to self from 2032: Let them play.
Chapter 4Who is Mini ?
Chapter 5Mini Version 0.1 (tell stories and ask questions)
Chapter 6Everything about conversations
Chapter 7What is a conversation
Chapter 8Interactive communication
Chapter 9The Tough Conversations
Chapter 10A conversation with myself
Chapter 11Consistency Challenges
Chatter 13Amazon Toy Store
Chapter 14Research: Fostering Positive Parenting Conversations
Connecting the building blocks of conversations together.

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