This is the 2nd article in continuation to my series of articles where I am writing my brains out for clarity. The series that is probably going to expand to hundreds of articles because its a journey inwards. Probably turn into a book someday.

In the first one, I was describing what is education for me and why I would love to get into this particular domain. Note that by very clearly specifying what I want to do, I am saying NO to most other directions I can go. But may be not very strongly at the moment. I won’t say no to other opportunities coming my way to support myself. This write up is on the lines of a long term plan to find myself.

I am talking about reasons I want to work with education technology platforms and what is that I want to do, and may be very specifically kids to start with because am a new father, Including but not limited to make a better tomorrow. I am a rational optimist. What I can do is technically a part of it but I am going to get into that in later phases.

Gamification: I am not sure about the ancient times but today education is an incomplete artefact without that thing they call gaming. Examination system is technically the gamification, Maybe with a little misplaced priorities as per the current phase of human evolution, Where almost everything is just a few swipes away.

Being a father to 27 days old child, I’m trying to look into the near future where I will be trying to teach her how to look at the world around and learn by herself In most unbiased way possible. I know there will be time when I will not be able to answer her questions and that will be the moment when she will be on her own to find the answer. 

I know I will not be there for her always, that will be the test of time when my theories, teachings, philosophies, directions and ideals will be put to test. I am sure she will be much more frugal, privileged and luckier then me.

The point is, There is a deep connection between learning and games. 

Today I know that I need a lot of information to be a great parent. In most of the cases I don’t even know the possibilities or I should say I don’t even know the right questions to be asked.

For example, kids are not supposed to be fed water, for that matter.. anything other than mother’s milk for initial 6 months. That information reached me somehow, may be even I don’t know how.  How could I possibly have asked for it? Yeah, there are some ways.

Now what I understand in all that jargon is that, my baby’s learning and there by her life depends on my learnings and efforts and a lot many things. Note that causal reductionism also applies. You may never be able to find the root cause of something.

Being privileged enough, becomes my responsibility that I make the environment for my child so appropriate that she loves to learn, and rather than even thinking of quitting, she would love to try again and again. 

That is where platforms like parent tune, healofy, baby chakra and the likes come in.. I would call them education technology but for the parents. 

A simple thing like Do’s and Don’ts can be gamified such that KIDS would love to play, BUT THINGS NEED TO BE atleast measured and analysed and personalised. Kids do not judge, they are fed information, theories and mental models.

Being a new father it’s my responsibility to listen, observe, teach, respond and iterate & hydrate. Cooking another theory on hydration and dehydration but that is for some other day.

The point is, we should be able to do things well using technology. Making it a best friend to the next generation.

And to do things at scale, our basics need to be clear enough. By trying to teach them the basics of everything at scale, we’ll be able to learn a lot about ourselves. And that is the vicious circle I would love to fall for. 

Impact will last for generations, unless the direction is clear, no ship will reach anywhere. 

The games that we play, how do we learn, collaborate, create, execute, relax and repeat.. tell a lot about ourselves. Oh, I need to get into the depth of gamification as well as Education.

Beginnings are not supposed to be difficult.

Key takeaway:

I am trying to dream big & find the first principles of the modern age. They would be evolving too, right? I mean, what was not possible yesterday is possibly possible today, may be in hindsight. Its a long term game.

Let the kids play. Until next time.

This was just Chapter 2

Chapter 1: What is EdTech (for me) & Why only edtech?

Chapter 3: Letter to self from 2032: Let them play.

Chapter 4: Who is Mini ?

Chapter 5: Mini Version 0.1 (tell stories and ask questions)

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